Rebel Technology Witch - Assembled

Rebel Technology Witch - Assembled

The Witch is a compact and versatile polyphonic synthesizer.

The Witch can be used Standalone, with a MIDI Controller, Analog Sequencer, or MIDI Polyphonic Expression / MPE Controller. It comes with four different synth engines:

  • SubTract Virtual Analogue synthesizer with 48dB resonant filter
  • VoSim Voice Simulator formant synthesizer
  • WaveBank Morphing wavetable synthesizer
  • QuadSampler Sampler with peak filter

Each synthesizer engine is provided in two variants:

  • Expression Mode Continuous pitch control and MPE support
  • Performance Mode Discrete pitch control, standalone chords and classic MIDI support

Other features include two assignable tap tempo LFOs with continuously variable shapes and a powerful effects section.



As well as eight factory patches, the Witch is fully compatible with the OWL Library of more than 300 patches. What’s more, users can create their own patches using any of the supported DSP languages: Pure data, Max gen~, SOUL, Faust, Maximilian and C++.

The Witch has its own Synth Editor web application:


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