Hexmix Presoldered DIY Kit
Hexmix Presoldered DIY Kit

Hexmix Presoldered DIY Kit

Preassembled Full DIY Kit of our Hexmix Module.

This kit includes a PCB/Panel Set with all the board components presoldered, only the mechanical parts needs to be assembled.

CAREFUL: It is still a DIY kit so success is not guaranteed. Follow the documentation carefully and double check every step.

This kit is covered by our Happy Ending service.

Hexmix System is a six channel performance mixer specially designed for Eurorack.

The system has two separate modules, the core of the mixer: Hexmix that has six channels with three band EQ, mute, pan and EQ section on the master, and Hexpander that add three auxiliar sends per channel, PFL, individual outs and balanced output.


  • Six Channel Performance Mixer
  • Three Band EQ per channel inspired in classical DJ mixers
  • Vactrol based mutes with momentary action.
  • Pan and Volume control
  • VCA Expander connection to plug every channel of an Hexmix VCA directly.
  • Selectable Line or Modular output level.


For further information on this module please refer to the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Designed with love in Barcelona.


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