Crush Delay v3 PCB & Panel Set

Crush Delay v3 PCB & Panel Set

PCB & Panel Set of our Crush Delay v3 module.

SMD parts are already presoldered.

Further documentation and B.O.M here.

Crush Delay v3 is a special Echo-Delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which is able to offer 400ms of clean delay and up to 2 seconds of dirty repetitions, having a special talent to generate noisy-glitch textures.  This third version comes with some interesting new features like redesigned VCAs circuits, wider range for the clean delay and reduced depth to make it skiff friendly.


  • Input signal controlled by VCA’s
  • A bigger range of clean delay
  • Three different Crush Modifiers based on circuit bending techniques.
  • VC Feedback with automatic gain control
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For further information about this module, please see the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact:

Current draw
40mA at +/-12V rails
Size | HP
Depth (inc. connector) | mm
Weight | g
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