FxBoy DIY Cartdrige

FxBoy DIY Cartridge

This cart is designed to help you to do your own effect.

Please check this documentation, we explain there the cart's layout, levels, some warnings and simple examples.
The cart works like any other stripboard, with a couple of additions, a connected raw to GND and a few more to power rails.
You get also the solder joints, having access to every cart pin.

DISCLAIMER: Remember that a basic knowledge is required for handling. The use of this product is responsibility of the user. Befaco is not responsible for any damage that improper use may cause to any person, to the module or to any other object.



FxBoy Stripboard cart

Fx Boy is a multi-FX module designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers. 

This is an effect unit with CV control over the parameters and Dry/wet control,  with a Built-in CV controllable four bands EQ.


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