Even VCO Partial Kit

Even VCO Partial Kit


Partial kit of our Even VCO module. Includes PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts.

For the complete BOM and more information please refer to the website.

The Even VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator which offers stability even in the case of power supply fluctuations.

  • 10 position octave selector
  • 1 cent precision tracking on the whole octave range.
  • Triangle, Ramp, Sine, PWM and Even outputs.
  • Hard Sync input
  • Two V/Oct inputs
  • Linear FM input
  • PWM CV input



This Partial kit contains:

1 Even VCO PCB Set
2 Potentiometer Single gang 100k Linear PCB
1 Rotary Switch
1 Knob Davies Red T36 Shaft
1 Knob Big 25mm White “MXR” T36 Shaft
1 Knob Micro 7.5mm White T36 Shaft
10 Jack 3.5mm Mono PCB
5 Black Bananuts
5 Red Bananuts
2 Black Bananuts for Pot

Check our website for further info about the module.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Designed with love in Barcelona.

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