Spring Reverb Partial Kit

Spring Reverb Partial Kit


The partial kit of our Spring Reverb module. Includes PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts.

This is our take on an analog spring reverb module. Featuring VCAs for the two available inputs (with different routing), CV control for DRY/WET and visual feedback for signal levels at input and output of the tank.

  • Two CV-controlled audio inputs. In 1 (routed to Dry) and In 2 (routed directly to the tank)
  • Two independent Mix and Wet output.
  • High-pass filter on tank’s input to control the color of the reverberation.
  • Vu-Meter to visualize level on Wet output.


This Partial kit contains:

Keep in mind that you will need a tank like this:
Spring Reverb Tank

1 Spring Reverb Pcb Set
2 Potentiometer Single gang 100k Linear PCB
2 Sliding Potentiometer 30mm 100k Linear PCB
2 Toggle Switch Cap Red
7 Jack 3.5mm Mono PCB
1 Knob Big 25mm White “MXR” T36 Shaft
1 Knob Davies Red T36 Shaft
2 Black Bananut for Pots
5 Black Bananuts
2 Red Bananuts

For further information on this module please refer to the website.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Designed and assembled by hand with love in Barcelona.

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