Output Partial Kit

Output Partial Kit


The partial kit of our Output module. Includes PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts.

Our new Output Module is designed to be the master output for your modular system, providing an extra Cue Input to monitor any signal.


  • Left IN is routed to both channels when no Right signal is present. Both Outputs are TRS balanced.
  • A Headphones out is available. You can route Headphone OUT to the main out or an independent signal with a CUE switch. Like this, you can either pre-listen your sounds with the CUE Input or listen to your main out without disturbing your neighbors!
    Level LEDs are available to monitor the levels of each signal on the module.
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This Partial kit contains:

1 Output PCB Set
2 Potentiometer Dual gang 100k Linear PCB
3 Jack 6.5mm Stereo PCB
3 Jack 3.5mm Thonkykong Mono PCB
1 Knob Davies Red T36 Shaft
1 Knob Micro 7.5mm Dark Grey T36 Shaft
2 Black Bananut for Pots
3 Black Bananuts
3 Black Bananuts for Jack 6.5mm
1 Sub Mini Toggle Switch ON-ON DPDT and Nut

For further information about this module, please see our website.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Designed and assembled by hand with love in Barcelona.

Size | HP
Depth (inc. connector) | mm
DIY Level

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