Burst Partial Kit

Burst Partial Kit


The partial kit of our Burst module. Includes PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts.

Burst is a Pingable Trigger Burst generator with distribution, probability, and time division control. It will create multiplications of your triggers, leading to doubles, triplets, quintuplets, and true polyrhythms for your modular system.


  • Custom trigger bursts up to 64 triggers.
  • Voltage Control burst Quantity with dedicated attenuverter.
  • One-Shot and Cycle play modes are activated via manual controls or dedicated Trig Input.
  • Pingable clock input.
  • Voltage Control burst Distribution, Time Division, and Probability.
  • Tempo and End of Cycle individual outputs for syncing other modules.


This Partial kit contains:

1 Burst PCB Set
4 Potentiometer Single gang 100k Linear PCB
9 Jack 3.5mm Thonkiconn Mono PCB
1 Mini Toggle Switch ON-ON SPDT
1 Push Button Red Cap N.O.
1 Rotary encoder 20 detent Push Button PCB
1 Knob Micro 7.5mm Black T36 Shaft
2 Knob Micro 7.5mm Dark Grey T36 Shaft
1 Knob Micro 7.5mm Light Grey T36 Shaft
1 Knob Davies White No Pointer Line T36 Shaft
1 Toggle Switch Cap Red
6 Black Bananut for Pot
6 Black Bananuts
3 Red Bananuts
1 Bananut Switch
1 Hex Pot Nut

For further information about this module, please see the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Size | HP
Depth (inc. connector) | mm
DIY Level

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