Joystick Partial Kit

Joystick Partial Kit


Partial kit of our Joystick module. Includes PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts.

A compact attenuverting (attenuator-inverter) joystick controller and Gate Generator. With it, you can generate and/or process two control voltages using only one hand. Provided controls for CV ranges and offset adjust the boundaries of your control, this way it never gets out of the desired range, ensuring sensibility and playability even with wild performance gestures.

  • Robust arcade-style joystick for manually generating either CV with Range and Offset control or attenuating two input signals
  • Two push buttons to generate gates manually.


This Partial Kit contains:

1 Joystick PCB Set
4 Potentiometer Single gang 100k Linear PCB
1 Joystick Potentiometer 10K selfcentering
2 Push Button Red Cap N.O.
4 Knob Micro 7.5mm White T36 Shaft
6 Jack 3.5mm Mono PCB
6 Black Bananut for Pot
4 Red Bananuts
2 Black Bananuts

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Designed and assembled by hand with love in Barcelona.

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