Teensy 4.0 USB Development Board

Teensy 4.0 USB Development Board

The Teensy USB Development Board is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system.

Version 4.0 features an ARM-Cortex M7

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32 bit ARM Cortex‐M4 72MHz CPU (M4 = DSP extensions)  
256K Flash Memory, 64K RAM, 2K EEPROM
21* High Resolution Analog Inputs (13 bits usable, 16 bit hardware)
34* Digital I/O Pins (21 shared with analog)
12 PWM outputs
1 12‐bit DAC output
8 Timers for intervals/delays, separate from PWM
USB with dedicated DMA memory transfers
CAN bus
3 UARTs (serial ports)
SPI, I2C, I2S, IR modulator
I2S (for high quality audio interface)
Real Time Clock (with user‐added 32.768 crystal and battery)
16 general purpose DMA channels (separate from USB)
Touch Sensor Inputs

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