Berlin Workshop

This purchase reserves a spot in our upcoming workshop at  c-base Berlin.

Once you have completed the transaction please send a mail to stating which module you wish to reserve. You can add also a note during the purchase stating the module or modules.

This deposit will be deducted from the kit price which you can pay at the workshop. This deposit is non-refundable.

20,00 €


Build your own Eurorack synth modules! We provide all the necessary components (in kit format) to build your device from scratch. Each participant builds her/his own machine during the workshop.

The workshop is meant more as two working sessions rather than a fixed structured lecture. Like this participants can choose to come only for an afternoon and build a simple module, or a whole day to build a complex module or even come both days full on and build two or three modules!

Like this we will fit for the needs of all kind of users, from beginners that want to learn to solder and get into SDIY, to experienced users that want to take the maximum of the weekend and build as much as possible!

How to choose your modules: This really depends on your already existing system! If you are an experienced eurorack user it would be easy for you to choose. Pass by Befaco's site and browse available modules for details.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt:

Time for each build: Again ,this will depend on each person. All our builds can be finished in one working day. From the simplest modules that can take just a couple of hours, to the most complex ones that could take up to 8 hours.

In the other hand, an experienced used might take between one and 5 hours for any build!

With this time estimations you can plan your weekend! If you are experienced, you can build three or even four modules!

Required skills: Interest and patience. No previous experience in electronics is necessary.

Required materials: We can provide some soldering irons and hand tools for participants who don’t have their own. Although it's always adviceable to bring your own tools: Fine tip soldering iron less than 25w is recommended as well as cutting pliers and a multimeter.


14 th 15th March

Where: c-base rungestrasse 20 10179 


VCMC 220€

Kickall 130€

StMix 75 €

Excalibus 100€

Muxlicer 135,00€

Burst 120,00€

Hexmix 275,00€ (SEMI SOLDERED)

Hexpander 235,00€ (SEMIKIT)

A*B+C 95,00€

Joystick 100,00€

MIDI Thing 130,00€

Instrument Interface 125,00€

Crush Delay v3 135,00€

BF-22 140,00€

Rampage 170€ (SEMIKIT)

Dual Atenuverter 65,00€

Power Bus 50,00€

Spring_Reverb 140,00€

VC Slew Limiter 70,00€

Sampling Mod. 125,00€

Even VCO 130,00€ (SEMIKIT)

Mixer 55,00€

Output Module 85,00€

VC ADSR 110,00€

Hexa VCA 175,00€

INamp 60,00€

Jumpskiff 160,00€

Chopping Kinky 125,00€

Lunchbus 65€

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