Hexpander DIY Kit

Hexpander DIY Kit

DIY kit version of our Hexpander Eurorack module. 

The kit includes all the necessary parts to make a completed module including power cable, Hexmix VCA connector cable and four of our bespoke Knurlies M3 rack screws.

Hexpander adds great functionality to Hexmix module. Featuring Three aux send with stereo returns, individual outputs for each channel, complete PFL system and balanced output.

Hexpander is designed to be placed on top of Hexmix. Expanding Eurorack concept to 6U, allows every channel to be aligned as in traditional tabletop mixers.


  • Three auxiliar sends with stereo returns and individual controls per channel.
  • Pre and Post Fader/EQ outputs.
  • Selectable Line/Modular level at return inputs.
  • Monitor section with PFL per channel.
  • Individual PostEq output per channel.
  • Master section with Headphones amp and balanced line outputs.
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For further information on this module please refer to the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: support@befaco.org

Designed with love in Barcelona.

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