Lich DIY Kit

Lich DIY Kit

DIY version of our Lich Module. Knurlies included.

Lich is a programmable multi-function module based on Rebel Technology OWL platform. This is a Befaco Rebel collaboration that brings back Owl’s platform with this new hardware iteration. It has stereo in and out, four pot controls summed to cv inputs (like the classic Owl module) And as addition, CV and Gate outputs, patch selection with display and USB MIDI host and device connections.


  • Stereo Audio IN and OUT at 48k 24 bits.
  • 4 CV controls (Pot + Attenuated CV in)
  • 2 CV outputs.
  • 2 Gate inputs + buttons.
  • 1 Gate Output.
  • Patch selection and visualization via the display.
  • USB host and Device connections


For further information on this module please refer to the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact:

Designed with love in Barcelona.

Lich is also available as Assembled Module

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