Even VCO Presoldered DIY Kit

Preassembled Full DIY Kit of our Even VCO Module.

This kit includes a PCB/Panel Set with all the board components presoldered, only the mechanical parts needs to be assembled.

CAREFUL: It is still a DIY kit so success is not guaranteed. Follow the documentation carefully and double check every step.

As our regular DIY Kits, this kit is covered by our Happy Ending service.

150,00 €

The EVEN VCO is an voltage controlled oscillator which offers stability even in the case of power supply fluctuations.

The EVEN VCO features a 10 position octave selector switch (C0 - C9) and is able to track with 1 cent precision between C0 – 7, 4 cents through C8 and 13 cents through C9.

- Triangle
- Ramp
- Sine
- Even (waveshape with emphasis on even harmonics)

- Hard sync. This forces the core to reset in the event of a phase change at the input.
- V/oct. Two inputs for pitch control summed to the main octave selector and the tone control.
- FM. Linear pitch control.
- PWM CV. Pulse width control summed to the potentiometer.

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