Olitronik Circuits - Micron DIY Kit

DIY Kit of Olitronik Circuits Micron

140,00 €

The Micrón is a newly designed complete analog synthesizer voice in just 8HP! The module has a fully featured VCO with Saw/Pulse outputs, FM input and voltage controlled PWM. There is also a Sync input and Sub oscillator. The VCF is a self-oscillating low pass filter with resonance control and dedicated CV attenuator for Cutoff. Micrón features an internal envelope generator with a fixed fast attack and an adjustable release time, ranging between 80ms to 1s long. The envelope generator is normalled to both the filter cutoff and internal VCA, but normalisation can be broken by plugging a cable into either the Cutoff or VCA CV input jacks. Finally Micrón also comes equipped with a post VCF (pre-VCA) adjustable analog overdrive circuit.


  • Volt per octave
  • 7 octaves
  • Hard Sync
  • Sub oscillator
  • Saw/Pulse
  • PWM
  • FM modulation
  • Temperature Compensated Tuning


  • Self oscillating low pass filter
  • Resonance control
  • Cutoff CV attenuator

-E.G. & VCA

  • Fast fixed attack
  • Release: 80ms to 1s
  • EG normaled to filter cutoff and VCA.


  • Analogue overdrive

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