Even VCO Presoldered DIY Kit

Preassembled Full DIY Kit of our Even VCO Module.

This kit includes a PCB/Panel Set with all the board components presoldered, only the mechanical parts needs to be assembled.

CAREFUL: It is still a DIY kit so success is not guaranteed. Follow the documentation carefully and double check every step.

This kit is covered by our Happy Ending service.


150,00 €

The EVEN VCO is an voltage controlled oscillator which offers stability even in the case of power supply fluctuations.

The EVEN VCO features a 10 position octave selector switch (C0 - C9) and is able to track with 1 cent precision between C0 – 7, 4 cents through C8 and 13 cents through C9.

- Triangle
- Ramp
- Sine
- Even (waveshape with emphasis on even harmonics)

- Hard sync. This forces the core to reset in the event of a phase change at the input.
- V/oct. Two inputs for pitch control summed to the main octave selector and the tone control.
- FM. Linear pitch control.
- PWM CV. Pulse width control summed to the potentiometer.

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