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Happy Ending EU - Working Kit Guarantee


If you are not yet a pro at soldering/electronics you never have to worry about getting a working Befaco Kit. With the Happy Ending we guarantee to put a smile on your face and get your module working! Once we have received your module we will troubleshoot the issues, resolve them, callibrate the module and send back to you.




The Happy Ending is a guarantee of a working module. If you have built and conducted basic troubleshooting on your Kit, but can't get it to work or are experiencing unusual behaviour, all you have to do is purchase a Happy Ending and send the module to us. Once we have your module we will troubleshoot any issues, resolve them, calibrate the module and send it back to you anywhere in the world. We also cover the cost of any replacement parts. 

The Happy Ending Pack only applies to Befaco full kits


Purchase this item and send your module to:

BE FA CO Modular SL
C/ Pere IV 29-35 7º 6ª
Barcelona. Spain

IMPORTANT:  Write an email with the kit invoice and your return address to support@befaco.org. Don't forget to detail your issue on the mail and specify on the mail's concept the name of the module.


– Can I buy a Happy Ending Pack after finishing assembling a Kit?

Usually, issues are spotted after plugging in the finished device so it’s normal to ask for help at this point. You can ask for a Happy Ending at any stage during the life of your Befaco product.

– I have a busy life and it took me a few months to finish the module. Can I still get the Happy Ending Pack?

We assume ‘goodwill’ from all parties involved and we understand that it is normal that a project may take a while to be completed. You can get a Happy Ending Pack at any time.

– What’s exactly covered by the Happy Ending Pack?

The time and parts needed for a specialized technician to troubleshoot and repair the module. We also cover the shipping costs to send the module back to you.

– What’s not covered by the Happy Ending Pack?

Basic Troubleshooting. Please read this article about basic troubleshooting and make sure you already made it.

Costs associated with returning the module to us.

Finishing a module - An attempt must have been made to complete the kit so all parts need to be assembled.

The Happy Ending Pack only applies to Befaco kits.

PCB/Panel sets are purchased with the understanding that you are an expert DIYer and have a high level of skills and competency. We cannot vouch for the parts you have used and therefore do not offer the service with PCB/Panel sets that have been purchased. 


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us in advance!

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