Divkid Stereo Strip - DIY kit

Divkid Stereo Strip - DIY kit

DIY version of the Divkid Stereo Strip module.


Stereo Strip is a 6HP Eurorack module that builds upon the idea of a studio or mixer channel strip for a modular environment. If you’re new to the term ‘channel strip’ think of a single channel strip from a mixing desk. You’ll find amplification, EQ, panning, and level control options. Stereo Strip builds on those ideas by adding voltage control for increased functionality within the Eurorack modular synthesizer environment.

• 3 band EQ
• Panning (manual and voltage-controlled)
• VCA level control (manual or voltage controlled)
• 3-way performance muting (on-off-momentary)
• Soft clipping limiter (distortion!)
• Line level input and/or output adjustment.

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Current Draw: +12: 63mA  -12: 63mA 5v:0
Width: 6HP
Deepth: 33mm including power connector
Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
Designed and assembled in Barcelona.

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