With upgrade plan you will be able to get the latest version of a Befaco Module at half price...
just sending us back an old version!

Send your module and we will prepare an order with 50% discount for you!

How does this work?

1.- Fill in and send the contact form.
2.- Send your module.
3.- Once we receive the module, we will create an order with the selected module/kit at a 50% discount.
4.- Checkout the order and we will be sending the module/kit your way!

There are some simple rules to apply to this service:

* Only applicable for fully built modules in working condition or that ever worked before.
* You can choose either assembled or kit module for your purchase. * Only applicable for a newer version of the same module or similar feature. For example, you can not get a rampage if you send us a VCO v2. But you can get a Hex VCA sending over a valve VCA.

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