Sampling Modulator Assembled Module

Sampling Modulator Assembled Module

Assembled Version of our Sampling Modulator module, ready to mount in your rack.

The Sampling Modulator is a multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer.


  • Sequencer Clocked Sample & Hold
  • Analog Down-sampling Effect
  • Sampling Modulator/Shaper
  • 8 Step Trigger Sequencer
  • Unusual V/Oct VCO

For further information about this module, please refer to the User Manual.

For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact:

Designed and assembled by hand with love in Barcelona.

The Sampling Modulator is also available as a DIY Kit.

Current draw
+12V: 48mA, -12V: 18mA
Size | HP
8 HP
Depth (inc. connector) | mm

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