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Pack of 100 Knurlies Eurorack M3 Rack Screws
31,98 €
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DIY kit version of our Rampage Eurorack module.  The kit includes all the necessary parts to make a completed module including power cable and four of our bespoke Knurlies M3 rack screws. In order to facilitate easy assembly all our kits come with hex nuts and not with round nuts seen on our assembled modules.
161,16 €
Pack of five 50cm patch cables (orange)
9,88 €
Out of stock
PCB set and aluminium front panel for our Rampage module. See module details, documentation and B.O.M. files here. Beware that we use potentiometers that are sometimes hard to find, however you can get them here.
47,07 €
Pack of five black Davies style control knobs
2,85 €
Out of stock
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