Output Assembled Module

Assembled Version of our Output module, ready to mount in your rack.

Package include 12″ power cable and  screws.

Worldwide Free Shipping.

59,92 €

Our Output Module II is designed to be the master output for your modular system.


The module is capable of stereo or mono operation and converts synth level signals to pro line level (+4dBu).

It also features a 3.5mm jack to 6.5mm TRS jack for easy communication with the outside world.

Also featured on the module is a headphone amplifier with a 6dB/Oct High-pass filter (fixed on 60Hz) to avoid “pops” and undesired noises when connecting your modular directly to a P.A.

A switch is included to send a mono input to a left and right stereo output (particularily useful setting is useful when you connect the synth to a DJ mixer without mono inputs).

Last but not least, it features two reversible jack adapters from 6,5 to 3,5 mm jack or from 6,5mm jack to banana (depending of the model you choose,banana or minijack)



For documentation relating to older versions of this module please contact: befacosynth@gmail.com

Designed and assembled by hand with love in Barcelona.

The Output module is also available as a DIY Kit

Current draw+12V: 24mA, -12V: 14mA
Size | HP6 HP
Depth (inc. connector) | mm47mm
Weight | g110g

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